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“Leaders is a perfect match for us, and I believe it is a perfect match for anyone who is serious about doing business in the sports industry.” Chris Buckley, CEO, Supponor.

  • Supponor provides Digital Billboard Replacement technology for live sports broadcasts
  • The company’s objectives involved introducing their services to decision makers in the sports industry and staying front-of-mind during a 3-5 year rights cycle
  • The Leaders Sport Summit provided a targeted route-to-market and played a critical role in moving sales oppprtunities forward
  • Supponor held dozens of new client meetings, created 3 real sales opportunities and secured business from their activities at Leaders Sport Summit 2011

Supponor is a specialist company that has focussed entirely on developing and commercialising Digital Billboard Replacement technology for live sports broadcasts. These revolutionary services will change the world of billboard advertising across sport and provide rights-holders, brands and broadcasters with new flexibility and increased revenue. Delivering real value and innovation in technology and sport, Supponor were selected for the Leaders’ Centre of Excellence exhibition and have sponsored Leaders events in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Being a start-up company, Supponor’s key strategic objectives were to introduce their services at the right level of the industry, build awareness of the company and the products, and to keep front of mind with rights holders throughout their rights cycles. Chris Buckley, CEO, explains, “This was about engaging the Decision Makers in sport, and Leaders is a magnet for the top executives in the industry. The attendee list is a who’s-who of the global business and this perfectly matches our ambitions.” He adds “Because Leaders carefully select the companies for the exhibition, every company adds value. The attendees come to see what is out there, they are in the right frame of mind and are focussed and targeted in how they spend their time. It’s perfect for initiating new contacts and moving opportunities forward. Every conversation is worthwhile.”

Over the two days of the 2011 Leaders Sport Summit, Supponor had more than 50 face-to-face meetings in the Centre of Excellence exhibition, which Chris believes is worth the investment on its own. “The space in the exhibition is essential for us. It acts as a rallying point and allows attendees to find us, maximising the number of meetings and new contacts we make. It also allows us to really demonstrate the services we offer in a compelling and memorable way, and face-to-face remains the very best way to do business. As a route to market, Leaders is focussed, targeted, engaging and definitely value for money”.

Chris secured his space in the 2012 Centre of Excellence exhibition and delegates had the opportunity meet him and the Supponor team on 10th and 11th October at the Leaders Sport Summit.

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